Inspiring the next generation of voters: Next Generation Labour 2012 conference fringe

Next Generation Labour hosted a packed fringe meeting at the 2012 Labour Party Conference. The meeting was split into two halves. Speakers in the first half included me, London Assembly Member Tom Copley, NEC candidate Kate Osamor and Labour CND Youth Officer Calum Sherwood. The session was Chaired by Next Generation Labour’s Cat Smith.

Debate was lively and wide ranging. Topics for discussion included the UK housing crisis, the urgent need for regulation of the private rental sector, British foreign policy, war and nuclear disarmament, welfare reforms, electoral reform, cuts to EMA and increases to university tuition fees, the role of trade unions in modern Britain and how to get young people more politically active. There were many excellent questions from the audience and I was particularly impressed with the contributions of Calum Sherwood – definitely one to watch!

All in all it was an excellent event that I hope people found stimulating and even inspiring. After all, this is our country and we have the power to shape the future. Thank you to Next Generation Labour for inviting me to speak.


I laughed out loud when I heard the infamous Far Left Fashion blog declared us the best dressed fringe of the 2012 Labour Party Conference

Alice Perry Labour Party Conference

Alice Perry, Tom Copley, Cat Smith, Calum Sherwood and Kate Osamor

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