999 SOS: Defend London’s Emergency Services

London is facing unprecedented cuts to its emergency services. This is due to the irresponsible actions of Tory Mayor Boris Johnson and the Tory-led Government. Reckless cuts to frontline policing, the fire brigade, the ambulance service and hospital A&Es threaten Londoners safety and security.


  • The Metropolitan Police’s budget has been cut by 20% or £540million, by 2014
  • Since March 2010 the Metropolitan Police has lost 1,956 police officers and 1,800 PCOs
  • 65 London Police Stations and front counters are under threat of closure
  • Violence crime such as GBH, robbery, burglary and rape are increasing

Fire services

  • The Fire Brigade is facing cuts of £64.8million over the next two years – a quarter of its budget
  • Up to 30 fire stations, 30 fire engines and 840 firefighters are at risk of being axed
  • 31 London Fire Stations are listed as being at risk of closure


  • The London Ambulance Service has received cuts of 19% or £53million
  • 560 frontline ambulance staff are at risk of losing their jobs
  • Seven A&E departments across London face closure by 2020
  • A&E waiting times are at their highest levels since 2004/5

Enough is enough.

Communities across London are coming together to send a strong message to the Tory Mayor and his friends in government. Support the London Labour Party 999 SOS campaign to defend our emergency services today!

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