Marching to Save Clerkenwell and Kingsland fire stations

Hundreds of people from Islington, Camden and Hackney marched from Highbury Fields to Spa Fields on 8 June to demonstrate their opposition to Tory Mayor Boris Johnson’s plans to close their local fire stations.

Boris Johnson plans to close 12 fire stations across London, include Clerkenwell fire station and Kingsland fire station. Protestors expressed concerns that fire stations with high property values were being prioritised for closure and cuts to fire services put people’s lives at risk.

Camden MP Frank Dobson remarked “when you have a Mayor that views fire stations as real estate, you know you are in the land of the mad.”

An engine from Clerkenwell fire station was the first to arrive in Russell Square after the horrific 7/7 bombing terrorist attack. Given Clerkenwell fire station’s location in one of the most densely populated parts of the UK, and close to the City and transport hubs like King’s Cross and Euston, it is crazy and dangerous to consider closing it.

The demonstration received strong support from passers-by along Upper Street. A wedding party outside Islington Town Hall also stopped to cheer the protestors.

Fire cuts cost lives. There is still time to respond to the official consultation and send a strong message to Boris Johnson that Londoners oppose his reckless cuts to our local fire stations.


March to save Clerkenwell and Kingsland fire stations



Councillor Paul Convery and two junior fire fighters


Councillor Alice Perry and Uma Kumaran at demonstration against fire station closures

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