Letters: Thieves eye your phone

smart phoneThe following letter was published in the Islington Tribune on 23 August:

Islington records some of the UK’s highest figures for smart phone street robberies. The hot weather has coincided with a spike in mobile phone snatches.

In Caledonian Road on Monday a youth on a bicycle snatched my sister’s phone. Fortunately, the robber then dropped it and she managed to grab it before he did.

She was a bit shaken by the incident.

I can sympathise – a similar thing happened to me a few weeks ago in Drayton Park by the Emirates Stadium.

Two young men on a motorbike drove up on the pavement behind me and tried to grab my phone.

My instinctive reaction was to tighten my grip and shout at them to go away. My reaction seemed to come as a shock and after a bit of a tussle they rode away, leaving behind both me and my phone.

I felt silly as I knew I had failed to follow the advice the council and police have been issuing. This advice includes:

• If you use your phone in busy, public places, be aware of what is happening all around you at all times.

• Be extra vigilant when leaving public transport or stepping outside to make a call.

• If possible, avoid texting or using the internet while walking, and if using phone try to keep away from the edge of the road.

• Register your phone IMEI number for free on immobilise.com – this makes it much more likely stolen property will be returned.

Police also advise: “If you do have your phone stolen, remember don’t fight back.” Take care of yourself and your phone.

Labour, St Peter’s ward

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