Why I am standing for Labour Party National Executive Committee (NEC)


Like you, I knock on doors, attend numerous meetings and try to balance work, family and my passion for making a difference in my local community.

Labour Councillors work hard. As the local face of Labour, we are first to hear the concerns of the people we represent. That is why it is more important than ever that we in local Government stand up for ourselves and ensure our voice is heard at the top of the Party.

As the NEC representative of Labour Councillors I will fight for:

  1. Full accountability of where our ALC subs go. Labour councillors will provide over £2 million to the party this year- more than any donor after UNITE – but they don’t even tell us where our money is spent let alone give us a say. This is not right. As Councillor’s, we are all accountable for how we spend our community’s money.

I will insist on a full annual breakdown how our money is spent is provided to every Councillor and be a voice for you on how our contributions are spent.

  1. Labour’s clear election commitment to no further cuts in local government. We have all made difficult decisions due to the Tory-led governments cuts that have unfairly hit Labour communities hardest. I know from my own council’s loss of a third of our budget with more cuts in the pipeline, that continuing with Tory spending plans will destroy our ability to make a difference to the people who vote for us.

Local Government has already been hit harder than any other part of the public sector. We’ve all coped with those cuts well, but that doesn’t mean it is OK to keep cutting Councils. We can’t be unrealistic but I’ll work with others on the NEC to say that ‘enough is enough’ and Labour’s first budget needs to protect local services.

Ultimately our manifesto for 2015 election is decided by a special meeting of the National Executive where we Labour Councillors will need a strong voice.

I will insist that Labour’s manifesto have clear election commitment to no further cuts in local government beyond those voted for by the Tory-led government in the 2015-16 budget year and a fairer funding formula that will mean Labour Councils hardest hit will be better off.

I will report to you after every National Executive meeting with an email update.


Note: I am standing for the NEC as a Councillor. Labour Councillors will shortly receive ballot papers to vote in this election. 

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