NEC Election results – thank you to everyone who voted!

Cllr Alice Perry and Islington Labour out campaigning

Cllr Alice Perry and Islington Labour out campaigning

The election results for Labour’s National Executive Committee was as follows:

National Executive Committee – Division IV (Local Government)
McMAHON, Jim 1,894 Elected
PERRY, Alice 1,510 Elected


LUCAS, Ann 1,402
HENIG, Simon 1,229

National Executive Committee – Constituency Labour Parties

LIVINGSTONE, Ken 39,548 Elected
BLACK, Ann 36,496 Elected
REEVES, Ellie 31,278 Elected
SHAWCROFT, Christine 29,558 Elected
OSAMOR, Kate 28,484 Elected
BAXTER, Johanna 24,325 Elected


WILLSMAN, Peter 23,362
WILLIAMS, Darren 21,307
AKEHURST, Luke 21,115
NOSEGBE, Florence 19,174
WHEELER, Peter 18,724
PEEL, Kevin 17,830
FLINTOFF, Crispin 12,539

Thank you so much to everyone who voted. It is an honour to have been elected to represent Councillors on to the NEC.

It was particularly good to see turnout in the Local Government NEC election dramatically increase to almost 55%. This increase is testament to the quality of all four candidates standing. It was great to see so many Councillors making their voices heard in this election.

I look forward to working with others on the NEC to make a difference for Councillors across the country and the communities we represent.

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