Packing up Packington

“Packing up Packington” was a unique art exhibition held in Islington this September. The Packington used to be known as one of London’s most notorious council estates. It is now part of a longterm regeneration project. As the old blocks being demolished, new high quality social housing is being rebuilt to replace it.

Inside a dining room in the old Packington estate

Inside a dining room in the old Packington estate

Photographer and local Packington resident Claudia Janke, documented some of the last months of her block of the estate in this art project, which celebrates the daily life of the residents who lived here. Photographs were cleverly display in the homes and walkways of the old estate blocks, which are being demolished later this month.

Islington Labour’s St Peter’s ward Councillors were delighted to contribute towards the funding of this project. It was wonderful seeing people from all over London visit the Packington to reflect on the estate’s past and witness its bright future.

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