Petition: Stop the government’s forced sale of council homes

Islington Labour had brilliant fun staffing a stall at the 2015 Angel Canal Festival. The Canal Festival is always a wonderful family occasion and celebration of Islington and Regent’s Canal. It was an opportunity for local people to meet St Peter’s Labour Councillors. We were also collecting signatures for a petition against the forced sale of Council homes.

Over 300 people  signed the following petition:

“The Conservative government’s plans to force councils to sell off ‘high-value’ council homes  when they become vacant– partly to fund their extension of the right-to-buy – will further fuel the capital’s housing crisis and will damage the London we are proud of. More than a third of Islington’s council housing would be sold on the open market under their plans – 1,500 homes in the first five years of this policy alone.

As Londoners, we are proud that people of different backgrounds and cultures live side by side across our great city. It’s also essential for making sure London works socially and economically. Sign up here to support our campaign to oppose these plans – we will keep you updated and ask for your help in fighting these plans when the government publishes its Housing Bill.

By giving your email below you are agreeing to being contacted by Our Homes: Our London and your local Labour party from time to time.”

You can sign the petition online at

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