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Labour NEC Report – January 2019


Richard Corbett gave the EPLP Report, with a detailed update on Brexit and the mood in the European Parliament. The NEC considered practical issues that might arise if the deadline for leaving the EU is extended, including possible European Parliamentary elections and candidate selections. Jeremy Corbyn gave a further update in his Leader’s Report. There was a discussion about Brexit and various scenarios that could arise (the most preferable being a General Election). The MPs on the NEC had to leave the meeting early to take part in important Brexit votes. Jeremy pointed out how the Labour amendments reflect the position as agreed by Conference.


Labour membership continues to be over 500,000. Membership has being stable for several years. Continuing to engage all members, retain members and reach out to new members of members that have lapsed, is a key priority.

Preparing for a snap General Election

Labour has stepped up preparations for a snap General Election should one take place. It was agreed that all the selections should be completed as soon as possible in every seat in the country (and not just the key marginal seats). The NEC also discussed the importance of our parliamentary candidates reflecting the diversity of the UK.

In his Report Tom Watson asked about the process for trigger ballots for current MPs. He encouraged the NEC to consider and agree the process and timetable.

Police and Crime Commissioners, Metro Mayors and the London Assembly

The NEC agreed the process for selections and reselections of Police and Crime Commissioners, Metro Mayors and the London Assembly. There was consensus that the NEC would like Labour to stand candidates that reflect the UK population, including more women and BAME candidates standing for be Mayors and PCCs. I also raised the importance of realistic spending limits for the selections so a wide variety of candidates can afford to stand.

Baby Leave

An impressive number of Councils are passing motions to give Councillors parental leave. The LGA Labour Women’s Leadership Taskforce has developed a model baby Leave motion – if your Council does not have any parental leave provisions please encourage your Councillors to bring this to their Labour Group and Full Council. Further information is available at https://www.local.gov.uk/lga-labour/about-us/parental-leave-policy-councillors.

Local Election Campaign

Important local government elections are taking place this May. This includes 33 Metropolitan districts, 168 District authorities and 47 unitaries. There are Mayoral elections in Bedford, Copeland, Leicester, Mansfield and Middlesborough, as well as the North of Tyne Metro Mayor Election. Labour is also using the local elections to build support in key parliamentary seats.

Labour NEC Report – May 2018

img_5602Jeremy Corbyn was unable to attend the May NEC meeting as he was in Manchester for the events to commemorate the tragic Manchester Arena bombing. The NEC observed a minutes silence for the victims of the attack and sent our solidarity to the people of Manchester.

Deputy Leader’s Report

Tom Watson gave the Deputy Leader’s Report. He described May’s council elections as his recent top priority. Tom, Jeremy and members of the shadow cabinet have been campaigning around the country. Tom praised the positive spirit of unity showed by activists and councillors campaigning in the elections. New and longstanding members worked together for a Labour victory in the local elections and the next general election (whenever that will take place). Tom also praised the role trade unions played in mobilising voters, particularly in London.

Tom touched on recent events in parliament, including the betrayal of victims of phone hacking and data theft, plus the victory for the campaign against fixed-odds betting terminals. Tom Watson praised Diane Abbott’s response to the Windrush scandal. He talked about recent visits to Brussels to discuss Brexit, including its impact on food security and the UK’s creative industries.

Tom then took questions on a range of topics including antisemitism, parliamentary discipline, Brexit, immigration, the proposed Sainsbury’s-Asda merger, the parliamentary enquiry into sexual harassment, the Lewisham by-election, increasing diversity in national and local government, the local elections, engaging young members and the UCU pension’s dispute.

Local Election Results

Andrew Gwynne MP joined the NEC to discuss the local election results. Continue reading

Making Islington a Fairer Place for All – 2018 Manifesto

Islington is a wonderful place, but we know that too many people struggle to have decent housing, are out of work and do not have the same chances in life as others.

We are committed to making our borough a fairer place for all by tackling these issues.

Our ‘Making Islington a Fairer Place for All’ manifesto for the 2018 local elections, which will take place on 3rd May 2018, sets out a radical agenda for the borough’s future.

Between 2018 and 2022, we will –

  • build at least 550 new council homes, as we deliver 1,900 new genuinely affordable homes by 2022, and crack down on rogue private landlords.
  • support another 4,000 local people into good quality jobs, guarantee support for young people to get apprenticeships and pay all Council staff at least the real London Living Wage.
  • give all young people in Islington the best start in life, guarantee 100 hours of work-related experience by 16 and invest in targeted support for those at risk of turning to crime.
  • save people money on the cost of living through Council-run energy provider Angelic Energy, protect free school meals for all primary and nursery school pupils and keep Council Tax below the London average.
  • still make a difference with less – despite massive cuts by the Tory Government to the Council, we will protect essential services like weekly bin collections, keep all libraries open and maintain support services for older residents.

Continue reading

Labour NEC Report – 20 March 2018

The Labour NEC met on 20 March. The main item of business was to elect a new General Secretary. There were also updates about the 2018 local elections and the usual reports and agenda items.

Thanking Iain McNicol

Jeremy Corbyn and the NEC sincerely thanked Iain McNicol for his work, friendship and service to the Labour Party. Everyone also thanked the outgoing members of staff. NEC members shared their warm memories of working together over the years. Jeremy made the point that we never really say goodbye to former members of staff as they remain important and active members of the Labour family and we will continue to work together for our shared values and goals. Iain reflected on his time as General Secretary, an eventful period that included two General Elections, two Referendums, two Labour Leadership elections and many important local elections. Key achievements included paying off all of Labour’s historic debt and the rapid growth in membership. Iain and the outgoing members of staff received a standing ovation from the NEC and the very best wishes for the future. Continue reading

Labour NEC Report – 6 March 2018

The NEC Equalities, Disputes and Organisational Committees met on 6 March 2018 to discuss a range of topics:

Increasing Diversity in local and national government

I recently blogged about ideas Labour are discussing to increase diversity in local government. This continues to be an important area of work for the NEC. We want our elected representatives to reflect our diverse communities and want to encourage more women, BAME, disabled, LGBT and working class people to stand for election at all levels of the party.

Labour will shortly be launching the Bernie Grant Initiative, a leadership and candidate training programme for BAME members similar to the Jo Cox Women in Leadership Programme. There will also be “Be a Councillor” events to encourage trade unionists, women, BAME members, disabled members, LGBT and young people to stand to be Councillors. I recently attended one of these events for GMB shop stewards in Liverpool – it was inspiring and exciting to meet so many excellent future candidates and Councillors.

Trans inclusion

The NEC Equalities Committee discussed the latest draft of the statement about trans inclusion in the Labour Party. Continue reading

Local Government Labour NEC Report – 19 May 2015

Cllr Jim McMahon and Cllr Alice Perry

Cllr Jim McMahon and Cllr Alice Perry

The May ordinary NEC meeting covered the Labour Party leadership election and other internal

elections, the recent election campaign and reports from the Acting-Leader and General Secretary. Our NEC report focuses on the topics and discussions most relevant/of interest to local government.

Reflecting on the election results

There was a wide ranging discussion about the disappointing General Election results across the UK. The NEC thanked all the parliamentary candidates, Councillors, members and supporters who had campaigned so hard in the elections. The NEC agreed the terms of reference for a special Task Force to understand why the campaign was unsuccessful and to learn the lessons from the defeat. This Task Force will take in views of candidates, members, Councillors and the wider public from across the country.

There were some bright spots to the bleak results, including the election of over 50 new MPs from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. Labour had mixed results in the local government elections in England:

158 total councils taken, +30 change in councils
5,266 total seats taken, +505 change in councillors
73 total councils taken, -3 change in councils
2,202 total seats taken, -187 change in councillors
Liberal Democrat:
4 total councils taken, -4 change in councils
624 total seats taken, -373 change in councillors
1 total council taken, +1 change in councils
199 total seats taken, +175 change in councillors
Green Party:
0 total councils taken, -1 change in councils
84 total seats taken, +9 change in councillors

The Task Force will reflect on May’s local election results and what lessons can be learned for the future. A big thank you once again to everyone who took part in the local elections and congratulations to our new and re-elected Councillors.

Fighting Local Government cuts

Since May 2010 local government has had its funding dramatically cut. Many Councils have had their funding cut by 50% or more. This majority Conservative Government seeks to continue to cut Councils even further and puts vital public services at risk. These cuts are unsustainable and threaten services across the board, including in education, health, social care, fostering and adoption and community safety. We called on colleagues across the Labour movement to work together with Local Government to defend the vital public services our communities rely on. We look forward to working closely with Trade Unions, MPs and others to fight for a fairer deal for local government. Continue reading

Islington Labour’s local election landslide

Cllrs Martin Klute, Gary Doolan and Alice Perry with London MEP Claude Moraes

Cllrs Martin Klute, Gary Doolan and Alice Perry with London MEP Claude Moraes

Yesterday me, Gary Doolan and Martin Klute were re-elected as Councillors for St Peter’s Ward. The full results are available on the Islington Council website. Labour held Islington Council, winning 47 out of the 48 seats available.

It was a fantastic result, with many more people voting Labour in St Peter’s than in the Mayoral election in 2012. We would like to thank everyone who helped, supported and voted for us. We sincerely appreciate it and could not have achieved this without all the wonderful people who spent time stuffing leaflets, delivering letters, knocking on doors and helping out on Election Day. Continue reading

Making a difference in Islington


St Peter’s Councillors Alice Perry and Martin Klute with Islington Labour activists, Council Leader Richard Watts and London MEP candidate Lucy Anderson

The St Peter’s Labour Councillors have been very busy speaking with local residents, holding roving advice surgeries and talking about the difference the Labour Council has made to ordinary people in Islington.

Times are tough for everyone right now, but even with massive government cuts the Labour Council has been working hard to make life better for our community. Popular Council policies that really make a difference include:

  • Giving free school meals to all our primary school children
  • Paying all Council workers the London Living Wage or more
  • Building more affordable housing for Islington families
  • Giving bursaries to young people to help them stay in education and go to 6th form colleges
  • Working with local business to create more jobs and apprenticeships for local people
  • Giving pensioners money off their Council tax
  • Helping people save money on their heating bills through innovative schemes like Bunhill Heat and Power Continue reading