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Why join a trade union

Part of my role as our university UCU membership secretary is to help recruit new members. I made this video with our awesome UCU, Unite and Unison reps about why colleagues should join a trade union.


We can’t ignore the unjust practice of blacklisting

BlacklistingOur lives our defined by our work, the communities we come from and our most strongly held values and beliefs. Defending and strengthening our rights at work is at the heart of what it means to be Labour. Back in 2009, the Information Commissioner exposed details of a large-scale surveillance operation run by a company called The Consulting Association. This company collated files on thousands of construction workers and sold the information to 44 construction companies.

Blacklisting is the illegal practice of systematically denying individuals employment on the basis of information, accurate or not, held on some kind of database. While it has been a serious blight on the construction industry for many decades, the discovery of this database was concrete proof of a massive national blacklisting scandal. Continue reading