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NEC Election results – thank you to everyone who voted!

Cllr Alice Perry and Islington Labour out campaigning

Cllr Alice Perry and Islington Labour out campaigning

The election results for Labour’s National Executive Committee was as follows:

National Executive Committee – Division IV (Local Government)
McMAHON, Jim 1,894 Elected
PERRY, Alice 1,510 Elected Continue reading

After this weekend, we have the policies – now let’s win the election

London CLP Reps Fiona Twycross, Nicky Gavron, Alice Perry and Alon Or bach at the NPF

London CLP Reps Fiona Twycross, Nicky Gavron, Alice Perry and Alon Or bach at the NPF

“What’s the point of the National Policy Forum?” A question I have been asked many times since I was elected to represent party members in my region on Labour’s National Policy Forum (NPF).

“Why would you want to join the National Powerless Forum anyway? It’s a waste of time” I was told.


Returning home from this weekend’s NPF meeting in Milton Keynes, it did not feel like a waste of time, and as a constituency party representative, I did not feel powerless. Together, the representatives of party members from around the country made our voices heard and secured commitments for progressive policies that will help win us the general election.

A list was put together of improvements delivered by the Constituency Labour Party (CLP) and regional representatives on the NPF. A snapshot of some of these includes:

Stronger Safer Communities

  • Replacing each council house sold under right to buy by with a new council house in the same local area.
  • Building at least 200,000 homes a year.
  • Removal of the cap on Housing Revenue Account for councils to allow more building.
  • Stop retaliatory evictions and reinforce tenants’ rights in the private rented sector.
  • An accessible and fair system of legal aid.

Health and Care

  • Increased support for carers and the role of local authorities.
  • Enhanced powers for democratic Health and Wellbeing Boards.
  • Properly resourced mental health care for children.
  • More effective regulation of care providers.

Britain’s Global Role

  • Protect public services from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and reform of investor-state dispute settlement.
  • Increased support for human rights (including women’s rights and LGBT rights).
  • Cross-departmental working in international development.
  • Creation of an Armed Forces credit union.

Education and Children

  • Improved citizenship education.
  • Duty to provide a youth service.
  • Commitments around Sure Start and free school meals.

All these policies were put forward by party members around the country, taken up by the constituency and regional reps and are now in the policy documents heading for the manifesto. Continue reading

“How did you get involved in politics? It sounds well boring?”

Scouts from Islington 31st in the Council Chamber

Scouts from Islington 31st in the Council Chamber

“If you want people to be interested in politics why do you make it so boring?” A question one Scout asked me when I took the wonderful 31st Islington Scout Troup on a tour of the Town Hall.

The Scouts, aged from 10 to 14, had lots of fun running around the Council Chamber, Members Room and Leaders Office (sorry Richard), taking it in turns to be Mayor and even paying a brief visit to an unsuspecting Communities Scrutiny Committee Meeting, which, as it happens, was discussing knife crime, gangs and youth violence.

The tour including a Q&A, where I explained what the Chief Whip does (hint, they don’t get to hit naughty Councillors with sticks), I was particularly interested in some of the Scouts’ questions. Questions like “why is it that most people don’t want to vote?”, “how come all politicians seem the same?”, and “how did you get involved in politics? It sounds well boring.” Continue reading

London NPF Meeting: Britain in the World


The next London NPF Meeting is taking place on Wednesday 31July. The topic is Britain in the World. Areas for discussion include international aid and Britain’s Trident Nuclear deterrent.

This Your Britain Policy Forum is open to all Labour Party members in London. The discussions will be written up and submitted to the Your Britain website as part of Labour’s policy review.

Come along and have your say

When: Wednesday 31 July from 6.30pm at One Brewers Green, Buckingham Gate, SW1H 0RH

You can book your place online at http://www.labourinlondon.org.uk/your-britain-policy-forums.

I look forward to seeing you there!

London Labour Policy Forum: Education and Training, Tax Justice and Transport


To ensure London members have an opportunity to contribute to the key debates in the Party’s policy making process, the London National Policy Forum Representatives have arranged an evening of policy discussion on Monday 15 April from 18.30pm to 20.30pm at Labour Party Head Office, 1 Brewer’s Green, London, SW1H 0RH.

The three discussions taking place will be on:

  • Education & Training
  • Tax Justice
  • Transport

Continue reading

New Localism, New Britain

Eric Pickles ate my youth club

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government has been radically transforming local government. Many changes have not been for the better.

The Tory-led government has decimated local government funding. They have vigorously pushed their free schools and academies agenda, moving an increasing number of schools out of local education authority control. Ministers have vilified any cash strapped councils that consider raising council tax or altering bin collections.

Proposed changes to planning legislation undermine Councils and fly in the face of the Localism Act.  Tory MPs have been depicting local government as obstructive and wasteful. Councils are portrayed as NIMBYs blocking economic growth when they raise objections to plans to sell-off forests or school playing fields or plans to build on the greenbelt.

So much for localism. Given the relentless attacks on local Councils, it is no wonder many Tory Councillors dislike Grant Shapps, Eric Pickles and Michael Gove even more than we do!

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