Child poverty in Islington double the national average

The government has published new figures showing the levels of child poverty in each local Council ward. Islington is second only to Tower Hamlets in terms of child poverty levels. Over 41 per cent of children in Islington live in poverty, compared a national average of 20 per cent. In wards like Finsbury Park and Bunhill, almost half of all children grow up in poverty.

Islington’s ward by ward breakdown is given below:

  • Barnsbury 40.3%
  • Bunhill 48.2%
  • Caledonian 45.4%
  • Canonbury 44.0%
  • Clerkenwell 41.5%
  • Finsbury Park 49.2%
  • Highbury East 27.5%
  • Highbury West 36.6%
  • Hillrise 41.7%
  • Holloway 46.5%
  • Junction 34.6%
  • Mildmay 42.4%
  • St George’s 35.7%
  • St Mary’s 38.8%
  • St Peter’s 43.6%
  • Tollington 42.4%

Given Islington’s shocking levels of poverty and deprivation, it makes the Tory-Lib Dem cuts to our budget even more despicable.

10 thoughts on “Child poverty in Islington double the national average

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