Report from April’s Emergency NEC meeting

The Labour NEC met that day after the General Election was announced to discuss candidate selection, campaign strategy, the manifesto and party finances.

Jeremy Corbyn and NEC Chair Glenis Willmott began the meeting with a positive message of hope and unity. The General Election is a chance for Labour to frame the debate on the kind of society people want to live in. The NEC noted that Labour policies are popular with the public and supported by people across the Labour movement. Jeremy said that he wanted everyone to be involved in the election, showcasing “team Labour” throughout the media. Jeremy also spoke about the importance of mobilising voters, particularly younger people who are traditionally less likely to vote and who could decide the election. The election is a chance for Labour to reach out to the whole country and demonstrate that we are listening to voters and addressing their concerns.

No progressive alliances or coalitions

The NEC applauded as Jeremy Corbyn ruled out any possible progressive alliances and/or coalitions with the SNP, Lib Dems, Green or others. Labour does not support so called progressive alliances and will stand candidates in, and contest, every constituency.

A winning manifesto

Labour will agreed the 2017 General Election Manifesto at a special “Clause Five” meeting in the second week of May. Every policy in the Manifesto will be fully costed – there will be no unfunded spending commitments. The policies in the Manifesto will embody Labour’s positive vision for Britain and show the clear and positive difference voting Labour will make.

Candidate selection

On 19th April, Labour had 13 days to select 630 candidates (it would have been 631 but we had already selected our candidate in Manchester Gorton). The NEC agreed that ideally we would hold full selection in seats with vacancies but this is completely impossible in the timeframe. With important local elections just weeks away, it was agreed that all our resources should be put into contesting local and national elections.

The NEC agreed that all sitting MPs who want to restand would be automatically reselected and an NEC panel would select candidates for the seats with vacancies. Applications are now open for people interested in standing – you can apply online now.

The NEC also agreed to prioritise selecting candidates from traditionally under-represented groups, including woman, BAME, disabled, LGBT and working class candidates. Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to increase female representation to 50% of the PLP and so there will be a concerted effort to select a high number of talented, well qualified female candidates.

Best of luck to everyone standing for elections in May and June – see you on the Labour doorstep!



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