Why I am standing for the NEC

Councillors are the backbone of the Labour Party. Our contributions are enormous. We deserve respect and a greater say in how the party is run. If re-elected I will:

  • Continue providing detailed reports on NEC meetings, so Councillors are aware of what is going on at the top of the party.
    • Provide a strong voice for local government, arguing for better representation on the NEC and other bodies, and accountability for our ALC subs.
    • Ensure Labour Groups and local parties get the resources we need to fight elections, and have more say over election campaigns.
    • Champion local government policy initiatives, like building more affordable housing, tackling climate change, protecting and creating jobs and defending public services.
    • Work to increase diversity in local government, increasing working class, women, BAME, LGBT and disabled representation.
    • Fight to restore the local government pension fund.
    • Campaign for parental leave and greater flexibility for Councillors.
    • Stand up for members’ ability to select their MPs, giving people a real choice of talented candidates.
    • Support an independent disciplinary process.
    Defend the link between Labour and Trade Unions, and work closely and constructive with Trade Union colleagues.
    Champion Labour Councillors in opposition and the important work they do.

Since my election to the NEC in 2014, I have:

Please ask your Labour Group to nominate Alice Perry (L0111249) and Nick Forbes (A603264) to be your two local government representatives on the NEC.

Nominations will be done online this year. The link to the nomination form will be sent to Labour Group secretaries.

8 thoughts on “Why I am standing for the NEC

  1. suewoodwardstaffs

    With you all the way, Alice. 😊


    Cllr Susan Woodward, County Councillor for Burntwood North Division & Town Councillor for Chase Terrace Ward Leader of Burntwood Town Council (h) 01543 304711 (m) 07779473961

    Under the Data Protection Act 2018, I am required as a Data Controller to provide a copy of my Privacy Notice that informs you about how I will use your data. I am committed to ensuring that the information I collect and use is appropriate for this purpose, is not excessive, and does not constitute an invasion of your privacy. You can read my Privacy Notice in full here.

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  3. Ann Black

    I’m not a councillor, but I always appreciate Alice’s reports which are of interest to every party member! Good luck from Ann Black (NEC CLP representative, 2000-2018).

  4. Daniel Vulliamy

    Thanks for NEC Report, Alice. Can you tell me if there was any discussion over the message to BLP and CLP Chairs and Secretaries from David Evans, I think on 12th August, indicating that discussions on the ‘Panorama Settlement’, EHRC investigation and Forde report were ‘not competent business’ for Branch and CLP discussion? Thanks. Daniel

      1. Daniel Vulliamy

        Thank you, Alice. I can’t help wondering why no member of the NEC thought it worth asking and discussing, when I can find no authority in Labour’s Rule Book allowing the leadership to forbid discussion on any topic whatsoever. Regards. Daniel

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